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Remy Laure


  • This massage balm is made up of a complex of 10 essentials oils. This rich balm slides on the body easily. This balm is used for relaxing and soothing massage for the full body.

    This balm is not Recommended for pregnant women, and they should avoid using it because the essentials oils present in the balm have an anti-inflammatory action.

    Recommended for: All types of skin.

    Size: 500 ml
    Uses: Professional Care

  • Massage the body with this balm. Do not penetrate the skin. Wipe with dry tissues after the massage.

  • 1. Complex of 10 essential oils - Lavender (anti-septic,soothing), Peppermint (Analgesic), Pine (Anti-Septic), Sage (Calming), Coriander (Calming, Anti-Septic), Rose (Anti-wrinkles).

    2. Sandalwood (Anti-septic), Chamomile (Anti-inflammatory), Small Grain (softening), Geranium (Anti-wrinkles).

Collections: Body Care, Remy Laure

Category: Exfoliating, Professional

Type: Massage Balm

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