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Remy Laure


  • Silky and smooth texture, original scent. Formulated with the latest innovating active ingredients, this cream boosts the cellular renewal by acting on the extracellular matrix which is weakened by age. After few days, the skin is redensified, “repulped” and redesigned.

    Recommended for: Skin Renewal

    Size: 100 ml
    Uses: Professional Care

  • To be used in the evening on a cleansed skin. Apply with fingers on a freshly clean and dry face.

  • 1. Cinnamon contains glucids, calcium, flavonoids and essential oils, which provide a strong stimulating and antioxydantaction.

    2. Hyaluronic acid, component of glycosaminoglycane (GAG). It attract water around the cell. One molecule of hyaluronic acid can attract 100 to 300 molecules of water.

    3. Marine Collagen. Our skin tissues are composed of 80% of collagen. This protein gives firmness but also elasticity and hydration. An outside supply of collagen will help the skin to remain younger.

    4. Retinol, stabilized vitamin A with strong antioxidant effect. Stimulates the long-term production of collagen and elastin fibers.

Collections: Face Care, Remy Laure

Category: Anti-Ageing, Professional

Type: Night Cream

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