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Delivering Global Standards and Innovation

For corporate chains with multiple outlets, customers demand the same quality of service no matter what outlet they go to. Standardisation is central to a chain’s success. We bring more than 10 years of experience assisting corporate chains in standardisation of technical services.

Standardised services
We work closely with corporate chains to create technical services that can be delivered across all outlets, regardless of size and format, we ensure technical services are delivered the same way.

Evaluation Support
We understand the detailed evaluation process of corporate chains. We work closely with each corporate chain’s procurement, technical and leadership teams to complete evaluations of select services.

Cost Management
Oneline works with corporate chains closely to deliver technical services in single dose format, assisting in cost management and leakage prevention. We offer special pricing for retail sizes to support corporate overheads.

Custom procurement
We work with some of the largest corporate chains in India. We understand each chains have specific requirements for products unique to its business. We offer custom procurement of products to assist in market differentiation and brand reinforcement.

Account Management
Our corporate chain account management engages at all levels of a company’s hierarchy. We consult with leadership team to assess new opportunities. We work with purchasing managers to optimize costs. We partner with in-house training managers to support ongoing therapist and beautician education. We support marketing managers with go-to-market and launch press events. Oneline offers everything a corporate chain requires to execute its services roadmap.

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