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Remy Laure


  • This moisturizing cream is an ideal hydrating cream for the family. Nanosphers enable the epidermis to absorb just what it needs and protect the active ingredients from air and light damages.

    It provides hydration for about 12 hours, answering the daily needs. Man's skin appreciates this cream, but during summer times, it is recommended to use Hydravive Gel.

    Recommended for: Hydration of all types of skin

    Size: 100 ml
    Uses: Professional Care

  • Apply every morning after cleansing with the DNA Cleansing Cream and the DNA Tonic Lotion. Can be use all year long. Do not shine. Because of its acidic PH, it can be use for dehydrated oily skin in winter. Must not be used for massage by beautician

  • 1. Nanosphers, filled with moisturizing agents (hydromarine and trace element). Hydro-marine is made of muccopolysaccharids charged with negative ions, they are very hydrating and regenerating.

    2. Nanosphers act as small “sponges” making water reserves which liberate the active ingredients progressively during the day or night. The skin can use the right quantity of product for every hour.

    3. PCA and Urea, part of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). They are natural moisturizers.

    4. Glycerin is a vegetal moisturizing agent. UVA and UVB rays filters.

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Type: Face Cream

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