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Remy Laure


  • The Nutrimoor Serum is rich in ultra-modern ingredients. The result are spectacular for dry to very dry and mature skin; they are replenished. When the skin is 35 years old, it is recommended to use the Nutrimoor Serum as a preventive action. It is the beauty product of today’s woman that want to delay the skin aging.

    Recommended for: Ageing Skin

    Size: 30 ml
    Uses: Home Care

  • Apply few drops of serum to a freshly cleaned face every morning and night, with soft effleurage and soft pianotement. It is possible to apply one of the Nutrimoor creams (day or night), after applying the Nutrimoor Serum.

  • 1. T.M.G (natural amino acids) provide elasticity to the skin. They have a fast water regulation function. They protect the skin against the thermal stress (even extreme cold). They have anti-irritating properties. They are effective to treat a strong dehydration.

    2. Macadamia and Rosa Moshata oils, rich in unsaturated fatty acids (soften the cellular membranes). It softens and nourishes the skin.

    3. Lipidic active ingredient, plant origin (soya, wheat). It is composed of essential fatty acids, retinol phospholipids and tocopherol. It reinforces the cellular cohesion, compensates for the lost of natural lipids and softens the epidermis.

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Category: Anti-Ageing, Home Care

Type: Face Serum

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