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Remy Laure


  • Remy Laure's Brightening Day Serum has been formulated to lighten pigmentation spots and contribute to an even and bright skin tone, while providing moisture and nutrition during the day.

    Its vegetal extracts provide a soft and progressive brightening action. The serum even diminishes marks of "pregnancy mask". Effects can be seen in two weeks.

    Recommended for: Brightening and glowing effect for all types of skin

    Size: 30 ml
    Uses: Home Care

  • Apply one drop on the face every morning, with circular gentle movements of your palm till the serum gets absorbed. Then apply your usual day cream (Remy Laure recommends the Beauty Booster Cream Vitamin C).

  • 1. Aloe Vera plant with high water retention power, rich in vitamins B and minerals. Regenerating action.

    2. Macadamia nut oil extracted from an Australian tree, 80% of unsaturated fatty acids, nourishes and gives suppleness, while protecting from external aggressors.

    3. Squalane similar to skin's sebum. Extracted from olive oil. Softening and Moisturizing actions.

    4. Jasmine precious extract has moisturizing and brightening properties.

    5. Peach leaf has calming action and control of melanin (responsible for skin pigmentation).

    6. Raspberry fruit contains strong flavonoids and anti-oxidants, iron and vitamin C. It favors cellular breathing, which clarifies skin tone.

    7. Apple contains Malic acid (soft and natural AHA) which improves hydration and fades away pigmentation spots.

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