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Remy Laure


  • The DNA Beauty Cream is very effective since the first application. It deeply moisturizes mature skin , it smoothes ex oily skin’s acne scares and fight against the negative effects of the sun exposure.

    Recommended for: Tired Skin

    Size: 100 ml
    Uses: Professional Care

  • Start to use for 25 years old skin and older. This repairing cream can be apply every morning and evening. Apply a little nut of product, with soft effleurage on face and neck till complete absorption.

  • 1. Marine DNA moisturizes, repairs, stimulates and purifies the skin.

    2. Soya, Sunflower, corn oils  have nourishing, moistening and softening effect. Very rich in vitamin E and F (unsaturated fatty acids: linoleum acid).

    3. Vitamin F fights desquamation and regenerates the skin. It helps to fight against skin water loss and maintain the lipid structure of the strateum corneum. Associated with vitamin E, it prevents cellular oxidation caused by UV rays. It has a regenerating effect.

    5. Beeswax softens the cornea layer.

Collections: Face Care, Remy Laure

Category: Moisturising, Professional

Type: Day Cream

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