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Remy Laure


  • The brightening mask is the perfect salon complement to a good home whitening program. Its natural whitening ingredient is gentle and safe with the skin. This mask can also be used on customers with tired or dull skin-tone.

    Recommended for: Tired and Dull skin

    Size: 250 ml
    Uses: Professional Care

  • Apply everyday for 10 min on pigmentation spots after cleansing with Whitening Cleansing Foam. For brighter skin tone, apply 20 min to whole face, once a week. It is recommended to use in early summer when pigmentation spot appears. Also think about hand application which are highly exposed.

  • 1. Kaolin high absorbing and brightening power. It softens and purifies the skin.

    2. Arbutin natural derivative of hydroquinone. Extracted from a little tree called busserole and producing small red berries loved by bears. It reduces the high production of melanin, controls the activity of tyrosinase, and evens the complexion.

    3. Lactic Acid lightens the pigments spots.

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Category: Brightening, Professional

Type: Mask

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