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Remy Laure


  • The brightening mask is the perfect salon complement to a good home whitening program. Its natural whitening ingredient is gentle and safe with the skin. This mask can also be used on customers with tired or dull skin tone.

    Recommended for: Tired skin and Dull skin.

    Size: 300 gm
    Uses: Professional Care.

  • Apply few drops of Remy Laure Brightening Serum and massage with soft circular movements of the palm and pianotement till complete absorption. Mix 3 measuring spoons of Brightening Mask powder with 4 measuring spoons of water.

    Apply the mixture with a spatula. The mask must be 3 to 4 millimeters thick. Avoid the hair line. Application time: 15 to 20 min.

    Remove final trace of mask with a cotton pad soaked with Remy Laure DNA Beauty Lotion, and apply Remy Laure Whitening Night Cream. Dispose the mask in a dustbin.

  • 1. Alginates extracted from brown seaweed, are used for their thickening properties. They are natural and their PH is neutral, therefore being a good base for active ingredients.

    They dissolve perfectly in water and stick to skin contours. When drying, they have a mechanical action to smooth the skin.

    2. Diatomaceous earth is organic and fossil sedimentary earth composed of fossil phyto-plankton (micro seaweeds). They have a major role in the ecosystem by producing oxygen and reduce carbon monoxide from the environment. In cosmetics, it stimulates the skin and absorbs toxins.

    3. Vitamin C is one of the skin’s best friend, It plays a major role in the synthesis of collagen.

    It has a strong antioxidant action against free radicals which damage your skin. It favors the whitening of melanin spots, thereby making your skin brighter.

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