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We Enable Boutiques Spas to Stand Out Through Brand Development

Boutique spas seeking to set highest standards for customer experience require significant domain knowledge, technical experience and trend spotting. Our Authorised Partner Program enables Boutique Spas to create a memorable one-of-a-kind experience to their customers combining heritage European brands and deep technical support.  

Custom menus
Deliver experiential services
Boutiques require unique menus to stand out from the competition. Oneline Wellness offers 100 plus technical services, which can be combined in various combinations and permutations. We work closely with boutique We work closely with boutique spas to design and develop a custom menu that enhances the brand proposition. Each custom menu has a selection of facial, body and wellness services from our brand portfolio that is appreciated by the boutique’s customer base.

Intact Training
high professional standards
To ensure the best customer experience, each therapist and beautician needs to operate at the highest level. Our senior educator conduct intensive training for therapists at regular intervals to ensure professional standards in delivery.

Merchandising Support
Attract and Engage Customers
On-site customer activation is necessary for a boutique spa’s success. We offer various elements from posters, counter-displays, retail shelf decor and in-store videos to assist to attract and retain customers.

Marketing Support
Acquiring new customers systematically
We work closely with the boutique spa operators to develop marketing plans to increase customer footfalls and sales. Our digital kits enable Authorized Partners to amplify their communication. We help design special promotions and offer preferential pricing to maximise retail sales and profits.

World Class Brands
Develop a award winning spa
Boutique spas require highest quality brands to power the technical services. Our European brand portfolio offers just exactly what every boutique spa requires. In addition to highly efficacious products, each brand delivers an unique experience through products with amazing textures and fragrances. For your customers, every visit becomes a new experience.


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