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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to some commonly asked questions. Kindly read prior to contacting support. If you need additional help, we are always here to help.

Are product prices listed on the web-site wholesale prices?

The prices listed on the web-site are retail prices. We offer wholesale prices to salons and spas who are registered with us and providing GST/Tax Identification number.

How can I get wholesale prices?

Getting wholesale prices is simple. Simply register to open an account. After you have completed registration, send an email to and request a wholesale account. Please include GST/TIN number for tax purposes.

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How much discounts do you offer?

Your discounts are based on how much buy. Please note that there is always a minimum purchase required to start getting discounts.

Can I buy from a local distributor?

Yes. We have a limited number of regional distributors across the country. They are listed here. If you can't find a distributor in your local area, you can place your order online.

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Do you offer credit terms?

We don't offer credit terms generally. If you are a corporate or multi-outlet chain, kindly discuss payment options with our business development team by writing to For independent businesses, we offer credit card and cash on delivery methods. We strongly recommend using the credit card payment option as you get a 30-day grace period to pay off the amount.

I have made the minimum purchase. I still don't see my discounts?

If you are not seeing discounts even after making the minimum purchase, there may be two issues.
1. You are not logged into your account. Log in your account first and add products to the cart.
2. You may be using an old version of the internet browser. Download latest version of Chrome both on your personal computer and mobile/tablet device to get best performance. Download here.

How do I place an Order?

Placing an order is easy. Simply follow these steps.

1. Visit any product page and add product to cart. Ensure you are logged in before you add any product so your discounts are applied.
2. After you have completed adding all the products to the cart, click on "checkout" and fill in the shipping and payment details to complete your purchase./p>

How do I add a second shipping address to my order?

You can add any number of shipping addresses to your order, which you can select at the time of check out. This is ideal for multi-chain purchasers, where central purchasing is ordering for different outlets. Follow these steps.

1. Login into your account. 2. Click on "View Addresses" on the bottom left side.
3. Click on "Add new address" button and add the new address. Select "Set as Default Address" if you wish this address to be used as a first preference for shipping.
4. Repeat this process to add as many addresses your wish.
Remember to select the right address during check out. /p>

I want to cancel/change my order?

Our online system makes it easy for you to cancel or change orders before it is shipped. You may change or cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it. Simply log in to your account and review your purchases. Select the order that is pending. Click on "Edit or cancel" link to update your order.

How can I reorder items that I have ordered before?

You can now order items from your past order history. Simply log in to your account and review your past purchases.
1. Select the order that you wish to reorder by clicking on "Reorder" link. If you have already added any orders to the cart, you'll be prompted to clear the cart or keep the items in the cart and add the items from your past purchase. Choose appropriately. Now your cart will be updated with the items.
2. Update quantities as desired
3. Add any other products you may need from the catalog
4. Once done, check out as usual.

I can't seem to find a product that I wish to order.

If you believe that we have not listed a product, kindly send us a request with the product name, SKU and size (if you have this information) by emailing We will review the catalog and make necessary changes as appropriate. Once the catalog is updated, you'll receive an email from our business team to let you know that the product is updated.

Can I buy your products elsewhere?

Oneline Wellness holds exclusive rights for marketing, sale and distribution of listed brands for India. We only distribute our brands through authorized regional distributors, authorized salon, spa and clinic partners and directly online. Buying from one of the sources ensures genuine, legitimate, high quality products for hair and skin. Beware of buying from any 3rd party web-sites including amazon, flipkart and similar sites. If you are a salon professional, kindly note that buying and using products from unauthorized sites without proper knowledge and training may lead to potential customer complaints and dissatisfaction. Unauthorized resale of our brands may result in strong legal action from both the brand owners and Oneline Wellness resulting in criminal and civil proceedings.

I have recently made a cash payment. My account statement is not showing this payment.

If you make a cash payment directly into our bank account, you need us send us the payment slip for verification and proper credit to your account. We highly recommend making payment transfer through NEFT.

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