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  • Secret to a glowing skin.

    This Beauty Boost BNC (BioNanoCellulose) Mask makes it easy for every man and woman to instantly achieve soft, firm and glowing skin.

    Ideal for treating dehydrated skin or winter dryness, apply the sheet masque to your face to hydrate your skin to improve moisture, and improve blood circulation and oxygen flow for an immediate brightening and glowing skin.

    Pack Contents: 1 Pre-cut/Pre-soaked  BioNanoCellulose Mask.

    Recommended for: Dehydrated Skin , and Dry Skin

    Size: 200 gm
    Uses: Professional Care

  • Use 1 or 2 times a month like an at home hydrating facial. Apply masque to a clean face and leave on for 20 minutes. Remove mask. This rewinds the skin back to its naturally youthful state

    • Perfect for women and men with dehydrated skin or seasonal dryness to get a quick beauty boost before special events or social outings.
    • We recommend both men and women use the treatment at least once a month to smooth, supple and soft skin.

  • 1. BioNanoCellulose (BNC). 100% BNC fibres made with new patented European bio-technology. No parabens, perfume or other irritants

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