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Oneline Wellness Supports the women of Tribal India

Oneline Wellness supports initiatives which supports the tribal women of India through an NGO, Zep Foundation.

This foundation has enabled various women from rural villages to take up activities by which they can impact & contribute to the urban lifestyle.

This initiative of the Zep Foundation helps women to generate an extra income for the family without disrupting her other sources of income like the money which comes from farm & household work.
Most of the village women know basic stitching. But they don’t have a sewing machine at home. Shivanalay is a community platform where 3 to 4 machines kept in one place. This place is an open library for sewing machines, open for longer hours, so every woman from that village can come to do her switching work.
This Shivanalay is handled by 5 bachata gath woman organization head, Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, who brings a lot of work from the wellness industry to stitch bed runners, bed covers, handbags, etc, These items are used in the beauty and spa industry.
Empowering Village Women to Empower Modern India during Covid-19
Shivanalay, an activity of the Zep Foundation gave an opportunity to the women of rural India to step up & support the urban by making face masks. These masks are made at the centers opened up for stitching in the rural areas.
The women folk identified this as a medium to contribute in protecting people in the forefront of the beauty & wellness industry. The masks made by them are washable & come in three different kinds:
There are three types of Masks
One Patch banner
Two Patch banner
Three Patch banner
Go ahead, make your purchase & contribute to the development of rural India
Coronavirus has changed the way the service industry operates:
The risk of Coronavirus transmission is higher in these industries due to high levels of personal contact involved. Service providers such as therapists, beauticians and masseurs are in constant with customers while providing services, touching face and body, increasing risk of spreading infection or increasing the potential to be infected themselves. It is important that business owners in these industries understand full risks of COVID-19 and ensure both their staff, customers and themselves are fully protected at all times.
How should the Service providers protect themselves?
Post lockdown measures implemented by the government, it becomes the responsibility of business owners and staff to put full protections in place. Primary ways of protection is prevention through social distancing, contact minimization, customer communication, staff education and workplace disinfection measures.
Importance of using a face Mask:
Masks act as a physical barrier to protect you and others from viral & other bacterial particulates. If you are working in close proximity with anybody, wearing a mask thus helps in prevention of any virus or bacteria. Therefore wearing a mask will protect the spread of the virus to a very great extent.
According to the hygiene guidelines issued by BWSSC, wearing a mask in a salon or spa is mandatory.
About Zep Foundation
Zep Foundation, founded under the leadership of Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, MD, Oneline Wellness & Global Wellness Ambassador (India), aims at:
  • Educating women in order to improve their product quality as per the needs of the urban market
  • Mentoring young women on career development
  • Empowering tribal women to gain respect in the society as a whole
  • Educating women on maintaining a healthy lifestyle
This foundation undertakes various activities on a regular basis so that women are guided & enough encouragement is provided to them for a successful future. Below mentioned are the set of activities conducted by the Zep Foundation:
  • Mahali Athavde Bazaar
  • Oneline Wellness Skill Development Program
  • Shivanalay
Shivanalay has contributed greatly towards the wellness industry by making trendy runners, masks, bags etc. The other initiative details are mentioned as under:
Mahali Athavde Bazaar:
“ Made by a Woman, Sold by a Woman ”
This pioneering concept, a brainchild of Dr. Rekha Chaudhari has made a big difference in the lives of the rural women enabling them to generate the money every week, from their own skills. This unique concept has become the biggest attraction among the Bachat Gat (self-help groups) and also for consumers who patronise homemade products and artisan work. This platform is also encouraging women to make homemade products
ZEP FOUNDATION has not just organized the Adhavda Bazaar but ZEP has open the online door for getting more exposer for the product.
Oneline Wellness Skill Development Program
Since their inception in 2011, they have been uplifting the underprivileged rural youth and women by providing them with knowledge, skills, and job opportunities in the wellness industry. Their students are placed at various luxury spas, salons, and luxury hotels across India with good compensations. In fact, many of their students have set up their own beauty business with their guidance and support.
Since they have an inclusive approach, students also include specially-abled people, visually impaired individuals, sex workers, and cross-gender youth from the tribal areas.
Skin Care Tip for Mask Users from Oneline Wellness
We are progressing towards the summer season and because of lockdowns & extended effect of the pandemic, our skin has not got the necessary care that it needs. To add to this, we have to wear a mask to protect ourselves from Covid-19. It is essential & wearing a mask cannot be compromised.
Heat from the external environment leads to friction on the skin which can further lead to skin irritation & eventually acne breakouts. Follow these simple steps to minimize these outcomes:
  1. If you sweat under your mask, wash your face with a mild cleanser after wear.
  2. Do not reuse disposable masks and make sure you wash reusable masks daily after use. Make up, sunscreen, sweat & other impurities can collect on the edges which can lead to irritation.
  3. Remember to re apply sunscreen after removing the mask if you are going to be outdoors.
  4. Make up application can clog pores under the mask, hence avoid make up application under the mask.
  5. Use a gentle moisturizer to protect the area of friction or pressure under the mask, like, the nose, under the chin, around the ear, etc. Apply the products one hour before wearing the mask to ensure good absorption
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