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Everything you want, to achieve the freedom you desire

Business kits removes every question about services, training, merchandising and marketing your services.

Easily launch a complete range of services to meet every customers need.
Launch and offer more than 20 perfect services within 48 hours.
Oneline’s designer menus are carefully designed to meet even the most demanding customer’s needs - no technical knowledge required.
Engage every kind of customer you get. Our menus have it all.
  • Anti-ageing
  • Anti-pollution
  • Spa Facials
  • Hands/feet
  • Body
  • Wellness
  • Chair Treatment
  • Packages

All services in the menu are accompanied with training videos and SOPs for free.
Offer a range of services from leading european brands specialising in professional beauty and wellness.
  • bannerBoost services for Men
  • bannerQuick services for young skin
  • bannerBoost services for dull skin
  • bannerRejuvenating services for tired skin
  • bannerRepair services damaged skin
  • bannerServices use leading European brands
  • bannerSupports a range of menu prices
  • bannercountless matching home care products to boost revenues
Get full merchandising elements to create in-salon activation
Showcase your services with merchandising specifically design to sell more
Our brands have been sold in more than 80 countries and 20,000 premium salons and spas. Our merchandising elements provide customers the confidence that they receive the same world-class services at your establishment.
Upgrade your beauty center to attract and hold customer’s attention
Counter display units
Our business kits include counter display units, when placed at reception, chair stations and cabin consoles will attract and educate the customer on service benefits.
Wall Decor
Our business kits come with designer wall posters, placed around the salon call attention to the latest service innovation you offer
Shelf decor units
Our business kits are packed with shelf decor units that boost your home care sales without moving a finger.

Choose a business kit and be up and running in 48 hours
Market and sell your services and home care with a full suite of marketing tools
In-store and digital options to increase sales in every outlet
Create awareness for service and home care
Our business kits include brand videos for in-store TV, gift bags, packages and brochures giving you more ways to create demand for your offerings.
Increase awareness using digital tools
Our business kits come with everything you need to attract a wider audience with ready made social media posts, brand videos and digital snippets to promote your brand.
  • bannerShare ready videos on WhatsApp and email
  • bannerPost and share more than 100+ product videos
  • bannerPut ready banners on your website and social
  • bannerFeature world-wide customer testimonials
Boost your business with the
oneline wellness platform
Oneline wellness platform features regular trade
promotions to support your marketing activities with deep trade discounts and gift items.
Delight your customers with a better experience
Our learning platform offers your therapists, beauticians and general staff high quality content to increase their skills and knowledge, leading to a better customer experience.
Retain your staff with a better incentives
Our business platform offers you many ways to improve your sales, service delivery and marketing.
Sell only innovative solutions and exclusive brands
Oneline wellness business platform is the place for salons, spas and beauty professionals to continuously improve their own branding through innovative solutions and exclusive brands.

choose a businees kit and start new services now

Get access to a business platform that engages and enriches your therapists, beauticians and staff
Take advantage of world class knowledge and skills of top rated beauty professionals.
Happy, thriving, productive staff is the main and long-lasting secret to a service business. By using the learning features on the oneline wellness platform built to help therapists and beauticians, such as videos, content, interactive quizzes and certifications, your staff can rise upto global standards with just a few clicks
Delight your staff with a rich skill development facility
Professional Learning anytime anywhere
Now skill development is a breeze with Oneline’s full range of digital training courses available on phones, tablets and personal computers.
Certify your staff
Standardisation is now easy. You can now certify every one of your staff easily through our online learning platform.
Track and improve your staff’s skill quotient
Encourage staff to stay current
Simply point your staff to Oneline Wellness Pro Training portal to get up-to-speed on the latest information, education and skills in beauty and wellness.
Get data on each therapist and their progress
Get access your staff’s dashboard to track their progress and keep them motivated.
Our #1 priority is to bring global brands exclusive to Oneline’s customers
Be Unique. Brands offered by Oneline is available only through authorised salons, spas and skin clinics. Together, we offer unique beauty and wellness solutions.
Award winning
Be proud. Your business is special to you and it deserves only the best. Our award winning brands and products are the best for you and and your clients.
European heritage
Be the Best. Products featured in each business is based on decades of european expertise in beauty and luxury, unmatched in quality and techniques.
Safe Beauty
Sleep easy. Feature services using products that have passed the highest standards for safety known in the world.
Built on Innovation
Stay ahead. When you partner with Oneline, you get innovation and leadership in products, services and techniques.
Global standards
Stand out. With Oneline, you get trusted brands that professionals around the world rely on to create unique client experiences
Get started with a business kit!
Accomplish your dream for your beauty and wellness business faster with Oneline Wellness.

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