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We want to be the supporters of spreading beauty and wellness.

The currency of professional beauty
We believe consumers deserve and demand the best quality from their beauty service providers. High quality products developed by reliable brands is at the center of our business. Therefore, we ensure quality in everything we do from our brand partnerships, technical services and education.

We make complex simple
Professional beauty products are complex. Everyday there is a new ingredient or trend, making it for beauty professionals to keep up. Instead, we leave the complexity to the lab and create practical business solutions that simplify delivering technical services. We work closely with our brand partners to ensure these solutions are relevant to the market we are in. This has led to the development of business kits. Business kits are complete solutions that enable a salon or spa to launch technical services within 24 hours. Similarly, Oneline Wellness is the first to implement a e-commerce model with full transparency on pricing and simplified trade terms.

Opening minds is to win hearts
Therapists and beauticians are the heart of the professional beauty industry. We believe in backing them by making highest quality education and training accessible and usable. Our latest initiative in expanding education is to leverage digital technologies to give every professional easy access to our education material. We employ 360 degree education modalities from on-site training’s to hands-on workshops to remote webinars. Because of our expertise in education, we have been authorized by Government of India to conduct rural education programs. Through these programs, we have certified more than 20,000 beauty professionals.

Making Beauty and Wellness more accessible
We believe Beauty and Wellness is a fundamental right of every human being regardless of their background, caste or religion. This belief has led us to pursue various community engagement activities get youth and women from rural India to participate in a fast growing industry. Our social programs include rural youth skill development programs through grants from Ministry of Rural Development. We work with rural women to develop new skills with which they participate in micro-industries and work in beauty and wellness sector to achieve economic success.

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