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Less Hassle. Extended Safety
Unique SELF-SANITIZING, Nano-technology solution provides 2 years protection without repeat applications. Disrupts less. Protects more.
Ideal for salons and Spas
Salons and spas have air conditioning vents and air ducts which are high risk areas for bacterial infection, virus, fungi and spores. NA90 provides a single solution to tackle a broad spectrum of infectious agents so both service providers, employees and customers can sleep easy.
Self-Sanitizing formula uses advanced Nano-actives combined with polyvalent chemicals making NA90 ideal for all types of surfaces. Disinfects and cleans all equipment and washable surfaces at very low dosages.
Destroys Virus
Kills coronavirus family and other enveloped viruses.
Kills Bacteria
Anti-bacterial action of NA90 ensures full spectrum activity against Gram+ and Gram- bacteria.
Removes Fungii
NA90’s potent anti-fungal action against ensures protection against skin rashes and infections.
Removes unpleasant smells
NA90's deep cleaning and detergent leaves HVAC / Air filters spotless and fresh free from germs and odors.
Instant Action
NA90 activates instantly on application and quickly kills germs on contact. Simply dip and dry.
Fit for fitness centers

Hundreds of sweating clients make gyms a high risk environment for transmission, susceptible to biological agents that carry infectious diseases.

With NA90, gyms can use a single solution for disinfecting their HVAC/ Air filters

Powerful. Safe and Flexible.
NA90 is a colorless odorless water based formula that is ready to use in just 1 step. No mixing or dilution is required. Apply to target surface “Dip and Dry”.
NA90 can poured into a spray bottle and sprayed on any HVAC/Air Filter. With an initial curing time of 2 to 4 hours the filters are germ free.
NA90 can be poured on to a sponge and then applied on HVAC/Air Filter. Ideal for curved or hard to reach surfaces. With an initial curing time of 2 to 4 hours the filters are germ free.
A towel can be dipped into NA90 liquid and applied to any HVAC/Air Filter. Ideal for curved or hard to reach surfaces. With an initial curing time of 2 to 4 hours the filters are germ free.
Mechanical Pump
When coverage of large areas are desired, NA90 can sprayed using a mechanical pump, and wiped down with a sponge or cloth. With an initial curing time of 2 to 4 hours the filters are germ free.
Certified for Medical Environments

NA90 is compliant with medical environments. Ideal for cosmetologists, aestheticians, skin clinics, dermatologists and hospitals where a professional disinfectant is desired.

NA90 is compliant with Japanese and American standards including JIS 1902 and AATCC 100

Powerful, yet economical
NA90 is the preferred choice for businesses seeking an economical solution without compromising safety and efficacy.
Strong enough for Industrial Surfaces
Once applied, NA90 kills all viruses and bacteria that come in contact with the treated surface, requiring no additional treatments for next 2 years. This makes it ideal for high footfall areas as it saves on product and man power costs involved in repeat applications. NA90 is perfect for:

  • Machine shops
  • Cold storage units
  • Food processing plants
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Corporate canteens
  • Restaurants & offices
  • and any large areas requiring frequent disinfection

Powerful Nano-Active Technology
NA90 uses Nano-actives. These advanced polymers use negative electrical charges called cations, which instantly attach to the positive electrical charges on surfaces of virus and bacteria. On contact, the nano-particles break open the outer surface of the virus and bacteria. Then, they quickly breakdown the Virus RNA and Bacterial DNA rendering them ineffective.

*Costs less than INR 45/sq. ft

Product ships within 48 hours

Large Corporates and COVID-19 hospitals are treating their facilities with Nano-active technology for complete protection. You can now stop wondering whether your facility is fully protected while you are not watching. Switch to Nano-actives solutions today.
We offer a whole range of SELF-SANTIZING nano-active solutions which offer extended protection from 90 days (multi-surfaces) to 2 years (HVAC/Air purifiers) with just one professional application.

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