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Shamana Spa at Grand Hyatt Goa is the resort’s temple of wellness. This luxury spa is designed to create the perfect balance between well-being and lifestyle for a youthful you. For Mr. Jaco Le Roux, General Manager of the Grand Hyatt, Goa and Dr. Rateesh Kumar, the Spa Director, Shamana Spa is more than just another facility at a 5-star hotel. The team at Grand Hyatt realize that for their hotel guests, this is an opportunity to rejuvenate and reset before going back to the daily hustle and bustle. Located on scenic Bambolim bay in Goa, this beautiful property sets very high standards for destination luxury spas.

SHAMANA is sanskrit for BALANCE.
At Shamana Spa, the focus in on creating harmony and well-being. The luxury spa is a true oasis of peace and serenity.
Shamana Spa’s stunning facility has everything a guest can ask for
  • 35,000 sq ft
  • 19 treatment rooms
  • Beauty Salon
  • Fitness center
  • Relaxation studio
  • Full sized pool
  • Wet Areas
  • Steam and Sauna
  • Plunge and whirl pools
Promoting Balance and Well-being is the core of Spa industry
Dr. Rateesh Kumar has been the Spa Director at Grand Shamana since 2019. He oversees all aspects of the Spa operations, fitness areas, pool and recreation activities.
" On a day to day basis, there are many areas that requite attention ranging from Human Resource and facility management to financial budgets and marketing plans. "
Dynamic and Rapidly Changing
Shamana Spa serves a wide range of domestic and international customers, whose needs are ever evolving. Seasonality is also a big factor. Dr. Kumar and team have to constantly keep updating the menu and services, without compromising quality. It requires Dr. Kumar and his team to keep up with the latest trends. One needs to be in constant touch with the customer base. Educating customers while receiving their inputs is a critical skill. For Dr. Kumar, this aspect is a natural extension of his personality.
" I was a curious child and loved learning about new things. I held on very dearly to my talents and enjoyed parting whatever information I learned to my friends and acquaintances. I was also an excellent orator and loved meeting new people and socializing. These traits come in handy running a large spa. "
The Spa industry has to address many roadblocks to achieve true success
Uncompromising service standards
The Spa industry suffers from lack of standards and me-too spas. Lack of regulation and certification, makes it easy for anyone to open a "Spa". While luxury spas such as Shamana make large investments into bringing international operating standards, the presence of mom-and-pop facilities tend to compromise the image of the industry. This problem is aggravated by the excessive availability of low cost “Ayurvedic Spas". Dr. Kumar says
" The biggest nemesis is sub standard stand-alone Spas and amateur Spa businesses. Due to their compromised quality of products, they offer their services at an extremely low cost. "
Choosing Quality over Cost
Uninformed consumers tend to often choose Spas by price alone. Low prices drive the need for low cost products and unqualified staff, leading to bad customer experience. Overall industry education is a must and plays a significant part in helping customers make better choice.
" Many Spas use unbranded products. This might lead to side effects on their client's health. Worse, this creates a faulty impression on the field of Spa and Ayurveda and reduces customer retention in the long term. "
Spa Managers need to think different to win the future
Environment and Sustainability
At Shamana Spa, eco-consciousness and sustainability have been become more than buzz words. Both at a facility level and corporate level, the Grand Hyatt is selecting more environmental friendly products to power services.
“ The gradual shift towards using more natural and eco-friendly products for Spa treatment. Sustainability is becoming a growing global concern. Our management has started adapting to it by reducing our synthetic usage in procedures and moving towards more eco-friendly products and procedures. ”
Safety and Hygiene
At Shamana Spa, the beauty of the property is matched by the quality of service its customers receive. Its relaxing, memorable and unique. At the core of all this is basic, yet core principles driving the success of Shamana spa. Dr. Kumar says:
“ Three key factors for our success - 1) customer service and satisfaction, 2) courteous and well trained staff and 3) comfortable, clean and safe atmosphere in the Spa. ”
High quality staff and the right partnerships are critical for success
Continuous Training
Shamana Spa’s high standards requires employees who can perform to deliver to those standards. The high standards of service at the Shamana Spa is a result of significant investment of time and effort into training and educating therapists. Each therapist undergoes customised training to meet the global standards required of a luxury spa.
“ Wellness is an esteemed service that requires extensive training in various Spa treatments, communication, and body language. We spend a lot of resources on training and developing a fresher to meet international spa standards. As a result, investment is very high as compared to the long return period. Ensuring that the staff members and therapists work for that long is a challenging task. ”
Brand Partnerships
The services provided at Shamana spa are backed by global brands and partnerships that share the core values of Grand Hyatt and Shamana Spa. Phytomer, France is the preferred brand of choice at Shamana spa. Phytomer’s products made with pristine ingredients harvested from eco-friendly and marine sustainable environments off the Brittany Coast of France are a perfect match for the luxury beauty and wellness treatments Shamana Spa offers it consumers. Phytomer is a global brand available in more than 10,000 luxury spas world-wide that share Shamana Spa’s desire to offer their consumers the best.
“ PHYTOMER treatments offer all the benefits of the sea for proven beauty results for face and body, their secret: Potent marine actives, a gentle sensory experience and fresh, subtle scents. ”
Value-Added Support
The services and education required to deliver unique services of Phytomer is achieved through its India Partner, Oneline Wellness, a pioneer in Indian Spa Industry based in Mumbai. Oneline Wellness and Shamana Spa work closely to ensure the consumers get the best of Phytomer.
“ Sales and marketing, brand positioning, exceptional customer service and commercial understanding we work alongside with Oneline Wellness to ensure our spa work profitably and effectively, by optimizing revenue, drive profitability and commercially manage the business. ”
Live the Life
As spa operators, it is easy to get trapped into overlooking one’s own health and well-being. In a post-COVID world, taking care of oneself now takes on a different meaning both in terms of health and wellness. Taking care of oneself is as important as taking care of others. Dr. Kumar says:
“ Everyone should follow some basic health approaches which can be useful in promoting better self-care, improving a personal sense of well-being, and promoting a greater commitment to a healthy lifestyle. ”
Wise words to live by.
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