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by Admin Oneline on September 05, 2020

Recently, we noticed the following headlines from Korea that may have a major implication to how you protect your business and your customers from coronavirus infection.

“56 people got the coronavirus at a Starbucks in South Korea. The only people who didn’t were employees wearing masks.”

While in India, situation has gotten progressively worse and the risk of the virus spreading increases day by day, Korea was in a much better situation with much stronger tracking and testing procedures. So what happened and what does it mean to your business? Read on…

56 people in August 2020 at a starbucks in South Korea. Health officials said the outbreak originated from a person infected with the virus who sat in the cafe earlier in the month next to the air-conditioning system, which dispersed contagious aerosol particles throughout the space, Arirang News reported. According to health officials, The virus also could have spread as people touched contaminated surfaces such as tables and door handles, they said.Only one infected person was sufficient was spreading the virus to 56 other people.


Cleaning surfaces regularly is simply not enough

Disinfectants which are currently available in the market do not assure you safety from the spread of the virus. Also, they require repeat applications which also leave an element of doubt about your safety. To ensure each square footage is meticulously cleaned by the staff after each customer visit is a herculean task. How will you or your facilities manager ensure the facility is 100% protected minute after minute? And with a virus that spreads easily, just one case attributed to your outlet is sufficient for it to be quarantined and shut down. So you need something beyond ordinary disinfectants.

Aerosol transmission is the new threat

Recent studies by WHO also indicate the airborne transmission of the virus which remains suspended in the air over long distances & time. This transmission can take place in places which have poor ventilation systems or by aerosols. The key is to ensure that each surface that a customer or employee may come in contact with is protected at all times. Also, the air from the ventilation system needs to be disinfected from build up of virus and bacteria. Specifically, old air conditioning systems pose a greater threat of infection due to air filter colonisation.


Introducing, NA90 HVAC/Air Filter Self-Disinfecting Nano coating

Oneline Wellness now offers an easy way to protect your HVAC or air conditioning system from germ build-up. With NA90 Self-Disinfecting Nanocoating, a single coating of your filter will protect you from germ build up for a period of 2 years. It is the cheapest insurance you can buy. Here’s how it works.

Simply remove the Air conditioning filter, clean it with water and soap and apply a coat of NA90 with a spray bottle. Let it dry for 2-4 hours and you are protected for 2 years. It’s as simple as that.

Once applied and cured, the air filter is now coated with nano-actives known to be 99.9% effective against viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus. Nano-actives are the most advanced polymer technology known to researchers at this time. This advanced polymer uses negative electrical charges called cations, which attach to the positive electrical charges on surfaces of virus and bacteria surfaces. On contact, the nano-particles break open the outer surface of the virus and bacteria. Then, they quickly breakdown the Virus RNA and Bacterial DNA rendering them ineffective.

With NA90, you get

  • Peace of mind
  • 24 hour to 24 months protection and hygiene
  • Germ free environment
  • Improved safety and security
  • Uses less man power

Easy to apply 

NA90 can be applied to be a wide range of AC system including high-wall ACs, window units, cassette systems and ductable HVACs. The application can be done either standalone or done along you’re your annual maintenance. 


Highly Economical

Each filter will cost less than INR 400, if you apply on your own or about INR 800-900 if you get a 3rd party to do the application. This means a normal salon or spa with 10 ACs can get a 2 year protection or insurance for just INR 5000 in one time investment.


Complete protection for Salons and Spas

As a leading company in the professional beauty and wellness industry for the last 2 decades, we believe this solution is critical to our salon and spa clients.

Post the pandemic; any business will be successful only when it helps in keeping its employees, customers & themselves protected & safe from the virus. This new range of Self Sanitising Nano Technology will help in achievement business goals without any disruptions & safety of all”,

Dr. Rekha Caudhari, MD Oneline Wellness & Global Wellness Ambassador (India)

We offer a full range of self-sanitising disinfecting solutions.

NA90–SELF-SANITISINGHVAC & AIR PURITY PROTECTION - Benefits of this last for 24 months. It can be applied on HVAC Filters & air purifiers.

NS90–90 DAY SELF-SANITISING MULTI-SURFACE PROTECTION - Benefits of this last for 3 months. It can be applied on any surfaces.

All these products are available in 3 variants: 1L, 5L & 20L



Large Corporates and COVID-19 hospitals are treating their facilities with Nano-active technology for complete protection. You can now stop wondering whether your facility is fully protected while you are not watching. Give your customers, employees & yourselves a safe work environment. It is minimal investment for the safety of all.

Switch to Nano-actives solutions today!


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