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DIY Facials, Skin Care during the Pandemic

by Rekha Chaudhari on June 18, 2020

All the salon and spas across India were shut because of the spread of Coronavirus. Customers are finding it difficult to go to their salons & get their regular treatments done. Limited contact services with some arrangements are being introduced. Facials being one of the services where the contact is direct between the technical expert and the client’s face, will definitely take some more time to pick up.  

Customers who are habituated to premium professional skin care are facing a problem. This issue is going to prolong for some more time as it will take time for the situation to come to ease & for set ups to re establish the skin care services again.

At such times, the salons can look into leveraging the massive opportunity in hand by introducing Do It Yourself (DIY) kits. This will not only ensure the customers to restart their skin care routine with the help of professional products but also make sure that the customers are safe in their home environments while taking care of their skin. Access to these products

We at Oneline Wellness identified this opportunity & customized a solution for the customers, a DIY facial treatment which can used by the customers on their own. Thus ensuring that customers are pampering their skin at the comfort of their home with world class products.

The benefit of providing these services to the customers is:

  1. Easy to use facial treatment
  2. One facial for all skin types
  3. Generate additional skin care business
  4. Line up customers post lockdown for follow up treatments

Generate new avenues of business by introducing skin care treatments which can be used at home.

Oneline Wellness introduces two DIY facial treatments:

Remy Laure:

Every customer should experience the Moor Mask of Remy Laure. They have also been a popular choice of therapists for over 10 years now. Remy Laure has proven itself for its therapist-friendliness (easy to use) and visible results, therefore the clients keep coming back month after month. Therefore a single use kit has been designed specifically for clients.

This DIY kit has 3 simple steps which makes the treatment extremely easy for home use.

  1. Exfoliate a wet face with Remy Laure Exfolitating Scrub
  2. Follow this step with a layer of Black Mud Mask
  3. Finally massage & leave on DNA Beauty Cream

B.LAB’s Beauty Boost:

B.LAB is a modern luxury brand that offers luxury beauty to meet the demands of modern lifestyle for a customer who is challenged by time. These treatments involve minimal intervention and provide maximum efficacy at the comfort of your home.

This DIY kit has 3 simple steps which makes the treatment extremely easy for home use.

  1. Exfoliate a wet face with the exfoliator
  2. Place the mask on face and rest it for 40 minutes
  3. Remove the mask & massage the serum, until absorbed by the skin

The advantages of these treatments are:

  1. This treatment consists of 3 simple steps which makes it an extremely handy option for anybody looking for premium skin treatment from home
  2. This treatment requires no professional training, simple steps
  3. Good quality premium product will ensure results even when the client will use the product at home
  4. Business from a source that is untapped, it can lead to increased revenues
  5. Customers who have never been exposed to Remy Laure & B.LAB earlier can get a chance to explore these treatments & then once the situation normalizes, can experience at the salons/spas
  6. Sun protection creams can be sold as an add on to generate more retail revenue.

“This lockdown gives a lot of customers an opportunity to expose themselves to a world class treatments from the comforts of their home, easy DIY treatments.”

-Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, MD Oneline Wellness & Global Wellness Ambassador (India)

Oneline Wellness has been a pioneer in the beauty and wellness segment. Having being there in the industry for over two decades, we understand the requirements of the customer & have the ability to customize solutions for unforeseen situations like we are having in the present.

This purchase can help you save 45%.

To ensure a good response from the customers, we have offered a 45% discount on this beauty kit for June & July 2020.

Limited Kits Available. Buy Today.

Oneline Wellness is presenting the ultimate luxurious specialized home care treatments for your face.

For ease of use, we have created a usage video of Remy Laure for your reference.

About Remy Laure

Renowned range of skin care treatments from REMY LAURE, a pioneer in moor therapy. Since the launch of black moor mud mask more than 50 years ago, Remy Laure has been pioneering authentic cosmetic formulations, to optimize natural beauty to therapists world-wide. Now, a full range of treatments anchored by black moor mud offers everything a salon needs to power its beauty offerings. Offer your clients luxuries treatments for face, hands, feet and body. Nothing comes close to the original black mud that started it all.

About B.LAB

B.LAB offers luxury beauty treatments. It is an Italian brand known for designing treatments with advanced active ingredients such as bio-nano-celluose and bio-peptides. The treatments are developed in world class European Laboratories. Their treatments enable solutions for various beauty goals.

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