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by Rekha Chaudhari on May 21, 2020

As the professional beauty and wellness industry exits lockdown and reopens salons and spas, the primary concern for owners and operators will be to restore cash flow to pre-COVID levels without delay.

For more than 60 days, the national lockdown has destroyed earnings of more than 300,000 salons and spas. Worse it has created a strong sense of fear in the consumer’s mind about safety. This fear may reduce footfalls and cashflow of salons and spas for the foreseeable future. Salons and spas will naturally tend to limit the number of services due to contact concerns, which will further reduce revenues making it hard to become cash flow positive.

The key to a quick recovery is to expand sale of products and services that entail minimal or no contact, backed by clear customer communication on safety and hygiene procedures employed to increase consumer confidence.


The benefits of providing no-contact products and services are powerful.


  • Reduce time to deliver the service
  • Less complexity improves revenue per employee
  • Reduce risk to client and therapist.

Boost your revenues with sheet mask based express services

Sheet mask based services can be a quick way to introduce skin care services to increase sales and profits. For example, the BioNanoCellulose based facial services by B.LAB Italia recently in India through Oneline Wellness is now available as a non-contact service. The service works as follows:


  • The cleansing step, which requires massaging with fingers is replaced with a high performance exfoliator which serves to remove dead skin cells. This exfoliator is applied with a brush.
  • A thick nutrient dense activator is then applied to the face with a brush or spatula.
  • Third, the advanced bio-nanocellulose sheet mask is directly placed on the face for 20 minutes. Because the mask comes pre-cut and pre-soaked no handling is required.
  • Fourth, the finishing step which usually involves application of a cream with fingers is not required. The client can simply use the bionanocellulose mask to distribute the residual activator cream into the skin leaving the skin protected for the rest of the day.

 The Beauty Boost Advantage

Beauty Boost is the latest range of high performance skin care from B.LAB Italia. Each Beauty Boost service delivers outstanding service in just one session. The benefits of Beauty Boost are powerful.


  1. Beauty Boost face treatments can be done with minimal contact between therapist and client.
  2. Beauty Boost treatment takes just 30-40 minutes, while delivering the same benefits as a 90 minute facial. Quicker turn-around time means more revenues.
  3. Beauty Boost is available in 5 variants so you can treat all major skin concerns of clients.
  4. Beauty Boost can be delivered in a chair so clients can in and out easily. Clean up is also minimal.
  5. Beauty Boost can be delivered by any therapist or hair stylist with minimal effort or training.
  6. Beauty Boost is a perfect cross-sell as it can be delivered during other treatments such as hair color, pedicure, manicure and massage.

 “This chair based professional treatment is a must for high quality salons and spas to improve their ROI and increase skin care revenue, especially during a time when we are facing such tough situations coming out of the lockdown”

-Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, MD, Oneline Wellness & Global Wellness Ambassador (India)


Save up to 45%

To assist companies with their ramp-up, we are offering up to 45% discount on Beauty Boost treatments in June 2020. To speed up your launch, you can now order beauty boost business kit, which includes everything you need including all the treatments, designer menu and merchandising elements so you can launch in as little as 48 hours. Each business kit contains:  


  1. Treatment Kits
  2. Menu Book
  3. Posters with attractive designs
  4. Counter Display Units

Limited Kits Available. Buy today.



The Beauty Boost treatment’s BioNanoCellulose mask has won European innovation awards and was nominated for the most innovative anti-aging product in 2019, due to its unique nature and patented manufacturing process.


Beauty Boost Treatments – Complete, Flexible, Effective.


Beauty Boost treatments are available in 5 variants to cover all major skin concerns. Each variant delivers outstanding visible results in just one session. Beauty Boost treatments are ideal for both men and women.


White Lumination

Outstanding repair treatment for tackling hyper-pigmentation issues from hormonal imbalance, sun exposure and ageing. Visibly leaves your complexion brighter, glowing and radiant after just 1 session. 


Age Prevent

Outstanding repair treatment for tackling ageing signs such as lines, hyper-pigmentation, dry and dull skin. Visibly leaves face brighter, smoother and supple after just 1 session.


Pure & Calm

Outstanding repair treatment for tackling oily, itchy, irritated, inflammed skin issues from hypersensitivity, hormonal imbalance, environmental exposure and pollution. Visibly leaves skin calmer, clearer, even and glowing after just 1 session. 


Hydra Restore

Outstanding repair treatment for tackling dehydrated and dry skin issues from hormonal imbalance, environmental exposure and ageing. Visibly leaves skin hydrated, moisturized, smoother, softer and plumper after just 1 session. 


Bright Eye

Outstanding repair treatment for under-eye issues such as dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines from stress, lack of sleep, blood circulation, hormonal imbalances and ageing. Visibly leaves under-eye area smoother, clearer, plumper and softer after just 1 session.


Limited Kits Available. Buy today.


About B.LAB:

Advanced range of skin care treatments from B.LAB ITALIA, offers true luxury to the urban consumer. This range of skin care services was exclusively developed to be performed in chairs. The key to its success is the use of most advanced bio-material called Bio-Nano-Cellulose mask, an exclusive bio-technology wonder smaller than the smallest skin pore. When combined with specific anti-aging bio-actives. Each treatment requires minimal therapist involvement and therefore provides maximum comfort and luxury to the client.


Have Questions?

Contact our business team to discuss your implementation. We will get you on your way to launching no-contact face services your clients will absolutely love with minimum hassle.


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