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Remy Laure


  • Natural Black Mud is one of Remy Laure's signature skincare products. Remy Laure's super natural mud mask gives you an overall tone-up sensation and permits a whole wellness treatment to face.

    This moor mud purifies oily and thick skin, calms puffy skin and stimulates tired skin. The exposure time is short and the result is immediate and guaranteed.

    The mud composition forces activation of the cellular metabolism to revitalizes thin and mature skins. It detoxifies skin reducing skin's hypersensitivity.

    It balances skin PH, supplies mineral nutrition, refines pores and brightens up your complexion. (That includes organic and inorganic substances (cellular boosters), trace elements minerals (catalytic action) and biochemical substances.).

    Recommended for: All types of skin

    Size: 1000 GM
    Uses: Professional Care

  • Apply a thick layer of mask to the whole face. Spray generous amounts of a moisturizing spray onto the mask. The mask must stay wet.

    Application time: from 3 minutes for sensitive skin to 10 minutes for normal skin, and 15 minutes for oily skin. Remove with a spatula and rinse carefully with a sponge and warm water.

    For application on legs: Prepare the skin with a cleansing milk. Rinse with cold water. Use moisturizing spray on the legs. A short leg massage will help it for the spray to penetrate the skin.

    Apply a thick layer of the Natural Black Mud. Spray the Moisturizing Spray again. Wrap the legs in a plastic sheet. Remove with a spatula and rinse carefully with a sponge and warm water.

      • Avoiding Dry Skin:
        Masks are designed to absorb water from the skin for detoxification purposes. To avoid dry skin, spray the mask with water or beauty lotion so that your client can enjoy glowing, radiant skin.

      • Care and Maintenance: Store the product in a dark, dry place to avoid the mask from solidifying.

    • Can I combine Remy mask with other products?
      No, you should not mix it with other products. Each brand makes their product to work well with each other. When you mix and match products from multiple brands, you risk the safety of your client skin.

      For maximum results, always use Remy mask with the following products before and after the application.
      1. Brightening cleansing foam.
      2. Brightening Serum.

  • 1. Aqua, Silt Extract and composition of plant extracts, organic substances, minerals and trace elements. Packed with more than 300 plus minerals.

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