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  • Modern skincare demands both effective and well-tolerated concepts that produce visible effects. With its active ingredient of highly purified and biologically active collagen, Beauty Boost Collagen Mask has been designed to meet exactly these requirements such as soothing of irritated skin.

    The mask offers benefits such as noticeable smoothening and firming, intensive hydration, reduction of skin redness and wrinkles depth.

    Recommended for: All skin types.

    Size: A4 Collagen Sheet
    Uses: Professional Care

  • Pro Tip:
    • Being a highly effective collagen mask with an immediate effect, Beauty Boost Collagen Mask  has made a name for itself in the professional cosmetics industry.
    • Consequently, Beauty Boost Collagen Mask can be individually incorporated into your skin care product lines, e.g. anti-aging, hydration, regeneration or whitening treatments.
    • Beauty Boost Collagen Mask is also particularly suitable for irritated skin.
    • After treatments such as micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels or hair removal, Beauty Boost Collagen Mask conditions and soothes the skin: unpleasant side effects such as redness, burning sensation and tightness are immediately reduced. At the same time, the skin’s moisture loss is balanced out.

  • 1. Product has no preservatives and fragrances.

    2. A special freeze-drying process, based on the Advanced CryoSafe Method - ensures the preservation of the nativity of the collagen, i.e. its original character and biological activity.

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