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by Admin Oneline on April 14, 2020

Youth Performance Wrinkle Radiance Serum

A high performance age defense concentrate.

It targets the visible signs of ageing including wrinkles, lack of radiance and skin slackening ,it is suitable for all ages and skin types.

The high performance concentrate Youth Performance offers a double effect on wrinkles & radiance. It  reduces the depth of wrinkles, re- densifies & smoothes the skin and  firms facial contours. Its effectiveness on wrinkles is attributed to Seastem Ciblactiv, the star ingredient of expert youth cream. Seastem is a unique combination of molecules derived from Laminaria algae obtained via patented bio technological process. Seastem stimulate the skin stem cells for double wrinkle correction. First, it fills the wrinkles by recreating cellular substance via its action on the epidermis. Secondly, its pushes out wrinkles from within by densifying the skin's support tissue i.e the dermis, to maximize its effectivness in the serum and for instant results Seastem is carried to target cells using two methods. It is incorporated in a capsule to deliver its effectiveness to the heart of the target cells , a peptide is bonded to the capsule which acts as a GPS guiding Seastem & giving it the ability to specifically recognize the skin's stem cells. This serum is a radiance booster with two active ingredients Eternelle Marine & Klamath Blue Micro Algae. Eternelle Marine, this blue micro algae helps restore the skin's freshness and radiance. Klamath Blue Micro Algae, this micro algae comes from exceptionally pure environment the waters of Camoflake in United States. It is rich in amino acids, essential for the synthesis of collagen. It also contain vitamins notably  b1 & b2 which help oxygenate the tissues. These features gives it  smoothing, oxygenation, detoxifying properties.

Results are shown to provide advance wrinkle correction and immediate radiance.  Smooth skin for 96%, densified skin with less creases for 82%, velvety soft skin for 96% and refined skin texture for 92%. This satisfaction test was conducted on volunteers who used Youth Performance serum twice daily for 28 days. Ultimately features are less lined and the face appears visibly younger.

For sensoriality Youth Performance has a gel cream texture with a slightly pearly and very soft finish. It contains the fresh aquatic notes of Mint and Bergamont.

It may be used morning and/or night in combination with all of the youth creams. It is also formulated for everyday use all year round or as a therapy, as per the clients needs. Youth Performance wrinkle radiance serum is an excellent product for introducing  the youth range without changes in client habits. A specific example might be a client with oily skin who is using hydra -matifying cream and intends to treat the wrinkles without change in their cosmetic habits



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