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by Admin Oneline on April 15, 2020

White Lumination Brightening Serum


A bestseller, brightening serum is a height of effectiveness against dull complexion and dark spots. 

Brightening serum is intended for people with dull and uneven complexions who wish to combat dark spots. It is for men and women, smokers & city dwellers of all ages. 

This serum illuminates the complexion and reduces the formation of dark spots for even skin that seems to glow from within. 

Phytomer Laboratories have selected an exclusive ingredient, Sea Lily which has the capacity to inhibit melanin synthesis. It is a real radiance booster and corrects the appearance of dark spots. They have combined this exclusive ingredient with Dictyopteris, a brown algae which has the ability to inhibit melanin synthesis and reduce both the maturation and migration of melanin to the skin's surface. It therefore has a global brightening effect on the skin. A derivative of Vitamin C with brightening and anti radical properties has also been added. By reducing melanin synthesis the skin regains its radiance & luminosity. It also protects cells against free radicals thanks to its anti-oxidant actions. Vitamin E has been selected for its anti-oxidant properties. It protects skin cells by limiting their oxidation. This serum also contains Phytomer star ingredient, Oligomer, which delivers an ideal supply of trace elements, strengthens the skin and helps prevent cellular fatigue an stimulates cell vitality for optimal reconstruction.

This Phytomer solution inhibits the synthesis of melanin via nerve fibers and an orginal and effective solution for combating dark spots. Sea Lily is a sea side plant found on the Britain islands of Brtic and Owak.

Phytomer Scientist discovered the Sea Lily is capable of limiting melanogenesis induced by cellular stress via the nerve fibers. UV Rays and repeated rubbing activate the nerve fiber which release substances called neuro peptides. These neuro peptides trigger the synthesis and migration of melanin. Sea Lily inhibits reception of the message sent by the neuro peptides to the melanocytes . This leads to a reduction in melanin synthesis. At the skin surface it corrects the appearance of dark spots which are often linked to skin ageing or repeated exposure to the sun and boosts the radiance of the complexion. 

In line with our desired, to provide proof of the results we put forward, Brightening Serum was tested in Thailand on a panel of 24 Asian volunteers between the ages of 40 and 60 with hyper pigmentation spots on the face.  The product was applied for 42 days, morning and evening. As you can see the results are indisputable with proven brightening & anti-dark spot effectiveness. 

91% of the volunteers found their complexion to be more luminous. 

Dark spots were visibly brightened and intensity, size and number of dark spots were reduced. 

Brightening Serum is a symbol of purity. It is white in color, fragrance free and has an original verifying texture which melts on to the skin leaving a matte finish. 

It can be applied in the morning and/or evening on the face and decolette and back of the hands.

Under White Lumination cream or any other skin care cream. It can be applied locally to any areas with uneven pigmemtation or that are lacking in radiance 



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