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by Admin Oneline on April 15, 2020

Souffle Marin Energizing Oxygenating Serum

Is a best seller. It is a breathe of fresh air for your skin.

Restoring the fresh complexion one has after a walk on the seaside. This serum is intended for client seeking refreshed, clear and de-polluted skin. It is the ideal product for all types of skin and especially for city dwellers and smokers. Everyday the skin is attacked and weakened by pollution, UV rays, cigarette smoke and even climate change. This serum breathes new life into the skin. It contains marine ingredients that neutralize pollutants and help the skin to defend and oxygenate itself more efficiently for a fresher complexion and more invigorated skin.

Phytomer Laboratories have selected a cocktail of energizing ingredients for the skin:

First, Armeria Maritima, this is a sea side plant and is used for its anti - polluting properties.

We also find Phormidiane which is a blue micro algae with anti-polluting and protecting properties that accelerate cellular renewal. We also have an anti-pollution marine sugar which Armeria Maritima constitutes a concentrative natural detox agents.

Also Oxegenol is used to felicitate the assimilation of oxygen by the skin and boosts cellular respiration.

And finally Oligomer, which delivers an ideal supply of trace elements, reinforces the epidermis and prevents cellular fatigue.

Lets take our focus to its star ingredient, the Phytomer's solution for congested skin is an explosive cocktail of ingredients for skin that breathes. Phytomer gathers together all the benefits of the sea side into the serum, a pure concentrate of minerals and trace elements. Armeria Maritima is a sea side plant with pink flowers and is found along the coast line of the English channel in a Atlantic Ocean. Phytomer's scientist have discovered that this plant is able to survive in abandoned industrial sites that are polluted with heavy metals, demonstrating an exceptional ability to de-pollute the ground. Its extract is use to detoxify the face and protect it against cigarette smoke.

In line with our desire to provide proof of the results we put forward, Souffle Marin Serum was tested on a panel of 22 volunteers who used this serum  morning and night for a duration of 28 days. As you can see the results are indisputable. The oxygenating effect is been confirmed.The skin was strengthened in 86% of the volunteers. The complexion was even in 91% and more radiant in 95%.

Souffle Marin Serum combines effectiveness and sensoriality. It has a pleasant melting and non oily texture which leaves skin refreshed and moisturized after a single application. It also has fresh fragrance with notes of Lily of the Valley, Jasmine and Vanilla.

Apply the product morning and/or evening to the face & neck on its own or before your usual skin care cream .It can be used as an intensive treatment  21 days to one month the duration of cellular renewal cycle or all year long.


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