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by Admin Oneline on April 15, 2020

Pionniere XMF Reset Eye Fluid

Global anti-ageing innovation for the eye area. Reset Eye Fluid is intended for all those in search of a top quality of eye contour cream and who wish to combat all the problem of the eye area, signs of ageing, dark circles and puffiness.

Pionniere XMF Fluid resets young and fresh looking eyes in one week. With a panoramic action on the entire eye area. Day after day dark circles and puffiness becomes less visible, eyelids are lifted, wrinkles fade and radiance is revived.

At the heart of this concentrate our three advanced ingredients that are active in restoring young and fresh looking eyes.

First, there is Algo Reset, an eco-responsible biotechnological ingredient able to reset skin to a non-polluted state. It thus maximizes the effects of the other ingredients in the formula.

Then XMF EPS, Extra Marine Filler, the 100% natural and exclusive star ingredient of the Pionniere XMF range derived from marine bio technologies. This ingredient gives the fluid its smoothing and densifying properties. These are combined with Algolight Complex to act on brightening the eye contour, the latter is composed of five ingredients, Palmaria Palmata a red algae combined with Dictyopteries a brown algae to act on dark circles caused by congestion of tissues and hyper-pigmentation of the skin, Ondontella Aurita a golden algae chosen for its anti-puffiness action, thanks to its anti-lipogenesis activity and to end with pigments and pearlescent agents to restore the radiance to the eye contour.

Lets talk in more detail about the star ingredient of this product, Algo Reset. To obtain this marine complex on the cutting edge of green technology, Phytomer researchers combined two ingredients with remarkable properties,  An Oligofurcellaran and a Blue micro algae.

Oligofurcellaran is a marine sugar obtained using an eco responsible extraction method. It  was selected because of a high molecular weight which enables it to form a protective shield against pollution on the surface of skin and prevent cutaneous dehydration.

The Blue micro algae is grown in our laboratories in photo-bioreactors and is  obtained by 100% green process. Phytomer researchers chose it for its exceptional de-polluting properties. Upon application the bio-technological ingredient Algo Reset helps protects skin from pollution and encourages the restoration of a non-polluted aspects .

Test on panel of 24 volunteers showed 7/10 women confirmed multi -perfection effectiveness in seven days. It reduces puffiness and dark circles, and lifts the eye lids.

Reset Eye Fluid is a light weight emulsion enhanced with delicate pigments and is absorbed in a flash, it has a fragrance free formula for optimum tolerance.

Apply Reset Eye Fluid  in morning and evening to the eye contour with circular movements and light dabs to help absorption.



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