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by Admin Oneline on April 15, 2020

Hydrasea Ultra-Moisturizing Polarized Water Serum

Hydrasea Ultra Moisturizing Polarized Water Serum is a moisturizing booster.

Hydrasea Ultra Moisturizing Polarized Water Serum is mainly intended for dehydrated and tired skin. For customers who demand unprecedented results in skin hydration.

Hydrasea serum offers rapid and optimal moisturizing deep within skin cells. Its booster effect further increases hydration, its primary ingredients includes:

Polarized Weaving Algae Water which is the high-tech version of weaving algae, Phytomer's star moisturizing ingredient with proven effectiveness. For intense, rapid and optimal diffusion of water to the heart of the skin cells, weaving algae water is polarized to improve absorption of water molecules by the skin and is encapsulated in order to optimize its transportation  and rapidly diffuse the active ingredients.

Also Glasswort Oil improves the circulation in storage of water in the epidermis for intense thirst quenching effect. 

Pheohydrane hydrates restructures hydro-lipidic film and traps the water in the tissues for an immediate and lasting effect.

Oligomer, Phytomer's star ingredient strengthens the skin, thanks to a unique cocktail minerals and trace elements.

Lets take a moment to focus on the star ingredient, Polarized Weaving Algae Water is the high-tech version of weaving algae. While polarized, under the action of magnetic field the molecules specially modifies to reduces angles for better moisturizing via target cells, this allows better assembly of weaving algae water molecules amongst themselves to ensure improved absorption by target cells. It also allows increase supply of active ingredients to target cells, in this case fibro-blasts. Finally it allows increase hydrating effectiveness, the penetration of weaving algae water  to the heart of the skin cells is facilitated. While encapsulated, this involves the incorporation of polarized weaving algae water in a micro capsule which is composed mainly of phospholipid of natural origin. This allows an  increase  supply of active ingredients to target cells and increased effectiveness of active ingredient, the diffusion and transportation of weaving algae water to the heart of skin cells are improved .

Clinical results confirms its performance, two hours after a single application on 10 volunteers, water loss was reduce by 16%. After two weeks of applying Hydra Sea Serum twice daily the 20 volunteers found their skin to be ideally hydrated.

Ultra Moisturizing Polarized Water Serum has an ultra- fine and light gel texture  with a soft finish for maximum comfort.

It should be applied morning and/or night under a cream, it’s ideal in combination with the hydra original range. Hydrasea Serum boost their effectiveness for better moisturizing results.



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