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by Admin Oneline on April 15, 2020

Hydrasea Night Plumping Rich Cream

Night time moisture infusion.

Targets all types of skin in search of immediate freshness, whether skin is dehydrated and tried or appears to have a dull or blotchy complexion.

Hydrasea Night takes advantage of sleep to hydrate the skin in depth, for a radiant and rested looking face on upon wakening. Its high-tech formula works in different layers of the skin while you sleep, to intensely infuse the epidermis and restructure the water reserves of the skin to restore the skin's original ability to retain water.

Hydrasea Night, a double moisturizing formula. Two exclusive Phytomer marine ingredients works synergistic-ally to provide the skin with dual moisturizing  both on the surface and in depth. First of all, Hydrafusion, an exclusive new environmentally friendly marine complex blends with the epidermis to provide the skin with a moisturizing infusion, it plumps up and intensively hydrates the epidermis from its deepest layers right up to the surface.This unprecedented  ingredient is combined with Polarized Weaving Algae, the high tech version of weaving algae, Phytomer's star ingredient of hydration with proven effectiveness. To provide water intensely, rapidly and ideally at the heart of skin cells, weaving algae has been polarized for better absorption of water molecules by the skin and incapsulated to optimize its transport and to provide rapid diffusion of the ingredients. Polarized Weaving Algae thus multiplies the ability of skin and to retain water in dermis.

Focus on the new Hydrafusion ingredient - Hydrafusion is a high tech concentration of Oligofurcellaran, an extract of the red algae Furcellaria Lumbricallis, wide spread in Scandinavian waters. It is first of all hydrolysed, via a green extraction method before being combined with a marine mineral complex. Phytomer scientist have discovered that Hyrafusion is faster and 3 times more effective than hyaluronic acid for replumping the skin with water. Instrumental studies show that from day one the results exceed the score obtained with twice daily application of hyaluronic acid for two weeks. The level of hydration improves over time.

Hydrafusion reactivates the internal hydration process in all the layers of the skin with three simultaneous actions. First of all at the skin surface, it creates a moisturizing film by capturing the water molecules present in the atmosphere, in  a medium depth layers it strengthen the stratum corneum by reinforcing the junctions between cells and finally in the deeper layers, it increases hydration in deep layers of the epidermis, by activating a synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

From the first awakening, the skin is as if drenched in moisture. Night after night it is visibly replumped and revitalized, and efficacy test proof it. From the first night of sleep the skin is instantly moisturized with a healthy glow effect from 100% of 23 women interviewed and after one month with daily application the skin is instantly plumped up for more than 9 out of 10 women.

With its creamy nourishing texture Hydrasea Night acts like a true skin cocoon. Both light and comfortable, it envelopes the face in a second skin while leaving in night time version delicate fragrance of Hydra Original on the skin. The green floral notes with aquatic trail reinforce the cocooning character of this cream.

Hydrasea Night is applied in the evening and should be combined with your day time facial skin care moisturizing routine for an intense 24 hour moisturizing  program.



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