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by Admin Oneline on April 15, 2020

Acnipur Blemish Solution Fluid

This is the star product of the range. This non-oily formula is ideal for those with skin with blemishes and break outs.

Acnipur Blemish Solution Fluid is intended for oily skin with blemishes and with persistent acne caused by stress, pollution, hormonal changes or poor diet.

This fluid not only protects the skin from harsh external conditions all day long, but also treats it by detoxifying and deeply cleansing it. It has a lasting seba regulating effect reducing shine, visibly preventing and correcting blemishes and tightening pores without drying. 

Phytomer Laboratories have selected two star ingredients to protect, treat and detoxify the skin. 

Our first ingredient is AMM EPS, Absolute Marine Matifier. Scientist at Phytomer have come up with this Exhopoli Sacchoride with mattifying and anti-inflammatory properties to provide a solution for problemed skin. This high-tech marine sugar deposits an invisible natural film on the surface of the skin which traps sebum like a micro sponge.

Our second ingredient is the Dermo-Purifying Complex. It combines the lipo amino acid and a plant extract and acts against excessive sebum production, bacterial perforation, the appearance of black heads and inflammatory reactions. 

Lets focus for a moment on its star ingredient, The Phytomer solution for clearing blemishes providing a comprehensive effect to leaving the skin healthy and balanced is AMM EPS, Absolute Marine Matifier. This is a high tech and 100% natural marine sugar produced using marine biotechnologies. As a reminder, marine biotechnologies are the chemistry of tomorrow. They are non-polluting, environmentally responsible and involve the use of marine organisms to produce or transform ingredients without adding solvents or synthetic products. This EPS has exceptional surface properties for treating shiny skin. It reduces shine on the face by soaking the sebum from skin surface like a micro sponge for an immediate mattifying and lasting effect. After one hour shine on the skin diminishes and this effect lasts for upto 8 hours after application without drying the skin. It also enables the skin's hydration levels to be maintained. In addition, it penetrates into the heart of the skin to inhibit the inflammatory process thus helping to reduce the skin lesions contributing to improving the appearance and texture of the skin.

Clinical results confirm its effectiveness. In line with our desire to provide proof of the results we put forward, Acnipur was tested on a panel of 24 volunteers for a duration of 28 days both morning and evening. As you can see the results are indisputable. Acnipur has a significant preventive and corrective effect on blemishes. Clinical tests were conducted by dermatologists and these revealed a 88% reduction in pimples and 42% reduction in black heads. Satisfaction tests have also been conducted with 81% of the volunteers finding their skin to be purified and 91% matified.

This light weight fluid is a fragrance-free formula with a soft and non oily finish penetrates rapidly. It is Non-Comedogenic and Non-Acnogenic.

To use, apply the product morning and/or evening to the face and neck. It may also be used in combination with the serum



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