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by ritoo garg on March 01, 2020


Oneline Wellness, a pioneer in professional beauty and wellness announced the availability of Phytomer's essential services. Oneline Wellness, the exclusive master distributor of Phytomer brand has identified that independent spas need an affordable solution that combines quality and results. To address this market need, Oneline Wellness has closely worked with Phytomer, France to design and develop an abbreviated range of services tackling common skin concerns among consumers.


Quality. Affordability. Efficacy

Now, Oneline Wellness is proud to announce the availability of Phytomer Essentials Face Treatments. Each treatment combines world-class clinically proven products with unique french beauty techniques to deliver outstanding results and an experience consumers will love. The Phytomer Essentials range is available in single dose kits making it affordable to launch any of the 5 services within 24 hours without a huge budget outlay. For the first time, this combination of quality, affordability and efficacy makes it possible for independent spa owners who aspire to deliver the same quality of service as top luxury spas to raise the bar for spa services. 

Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, Managing Director of Oneline Wellness, stated.

"We are delighted to offer an ideal solution to the independent spa owner who struggles to find high quality brands because of budget limitations. We have now overcome this through monodosing and packaging the services in smaller sizes. We see this helping the industry to improve their service quality and therefore generate a more favorable impression of the independent spa in the consumers mind. This is good for the overall industry. Better standards improve the industry as a whole and benefits the consumer in many ways."


The services are available for purchase from Oneline Wellness B2B portal, The Phytomer Essentials range of face treatments are available in the following packs.


Phytomer Essentials | Anti Ageing Treatment – 75 Minutes

Phytomer Essentials Anti-Ageing Treatment kit is a single dose service pack targeting premature ageing signs such as fine lines, wrinkles and lose skin. The treatment combines Phytomer's biotechnological marvel XMF (XTRA MARINE FILLER), a proprietary high-performance anti-ageing ingredient and a unique massage approach for skin that is smoother, firmer skin and glowing with new radiance.


Phytomer Essentials | Purifying Treatment – 60 Minutes

Phytomer Essentials Purifying Treatment kit is a single dose service kit targeting oily, clogged and acneic skin. The treatment combines Oligopur Flawless Skin Mask rich in Red Algae Extract known to deliver proven effects of radiance and plumping. The treatment works to rebalance skin, regulate excess sebum, unblock and clear pores for a visibly healthy, fresh and clear skin.


Phytomer Essentials | Moisturizing Treatment – 60 Minutes

Phytomer Essentials Moisturizing Treatment kit is a single dose service kit targeting dry, dull and dehydrated skin. The treatment combines Thirst Relief Rehydration Mask rich in Weaving Brown Algae known to deliver proven effects of radiance and plumping. The treatment works to reduce dryness, improve water content, softness and skin texture.


Phytomer Essentials | Brightening Treatment – 60 Minutes

Phytomer Essentials Brightening Treatment kit is a single dose service kit targeting tanned, uneven skin tone, blemishes and pigmented skin. The treatment combines White Lumination Mineral Mask rich in Sea Lily Botanical Extract and Vitamin C. The treatment works to reduce dark spots, improve complexion and a immediate burst of radiance and glow.


Phytomer Essentials | Classic Facial – 40 Minutes

This treatment is designed to be a entry level service. Each kit contains all the necessary products to complete a 40 minute facial for renewed and improved skin.


About Phytomer:

Phytomer is a leader in marine biotech ingredients and skin care. Started in 1972, Phytomer is a fully family owned business known to be a pioneer of bringing the power of the sea to the skin. Based in St. Malo, France, Phytomer's products are 100% made in France, Eco-friendly, Skin Safe and Clinically Proven to deliver visible results. Phytomer's products are used in more than 10,000 luxury spas in more than 80 countries world-wide.

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