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by Rekha Chaudhari on April 15, 2020

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a new type of virus formally known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome first discovered in Wuhan, China first discovered in December 2019.

The Virus has infected more than half a million people worldwide in just months & spreading exponentially. The disease associated with this virus is now declared a global pandemic, shutting down entire nation eco-systems. This virus does not spread through air or water, it transmits through surfaces when the surface comes in contact with an infected person.

There is no cure for the virus yet, because its infectious nature, businesses should make every effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

How to prevent?

There are 3 ways we can prevent this virus from spreading:

  1. Disinfecting the surfaces
  2. Maintaining personal hygiene
  3. Social distancing

Taking this into mind, Oneline Wellness is introducing a new disinfectant range.

About GD90

GD90 is a polyvalent detergent disinfectant that guarantees total hygiene for all types of places and surfaces. It prevents unpleasant smells thanks to its specific formula. It is perfect for sanitizing Offices, hospitals, salons, SPAs, clinics, gyms, storage rooms, canteens, restaurants, warehouses, industrial plants, and industrial food plants and in general in any room or structure that needs hygiene and disinfection.

It is very simple to use and is the need of the hour with the restart of business.

It fights with viruses like HIV, HBV & Sars family.

It is currently deployed in countries like China, Korea, France, Italy, Croatia, Japan & Dubai amongst others. Oneline Wellness is the exclusive master distributor to introduce this in the Indian Market.

How to deploy in your salon/spa?

This can be used in the clinics, salons & Spas:

  1. Disinfecting chairs/beds after each use
  2. Periodic sanitation of the counters
  3. Handles & knobs of the salon, spas or treatment rooms
  4. Equipment for use can be sanitized
  5. Flooring & furniture surfaces
  6. Fumigation


The variants are available for purchase from Oneline Wellness B2B portal,

How to use:

Standard dilution is 5%. Which is 50ml of GD90 can be diluted with 1000ml of water. This will cost you just Rs. 78/-. 

Currently, the product is on extremely high demand in the global as well as in Indian markets & therefore we are taking preorders for the same.

On this subject of hygiene, Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, Global Wellness Ambassador stated, “Safety of the customers is of utmost importance and is not a subject to be ignored. Strict measures and actions by each salon/spa owner is the need of the hour. Constant sanitation with a disinfectant which not only cleans but also kills bacteria and virus will ensure customer confidence, thereby getting the business to start successfully rolling back in”

About Oneline Wellness:

Online Wellness is a preferred supplier of luxury professional beauty products to the beauty and wellness industry. Since 2004, Oneline Wellness services have been sold to millions of consumers through premier salons and spas. Founded in 2004, Oneline Wellness has become a preferred supplier of luxury European beauty and wellness brands by consistently addressing the emerging needs of the beauty consumer.

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